To Every 20-Something, Stop Wishing And Start Living


This is for my 20-something friends, either still in college, graduated college and or are working:

You’re also probably in transition of figuring out what the heck to do with your life, where you are going to live and how you will afford life. Well my friend I am kind of past that, so I want to lend some helpful advice that will hopefully allow you to relax and enjoy life in there here and in the now. You’re only going to get older from here, not younger, so stop wishing and start living.

I do not have a college degree. Why? I dropped out and decided to go explore and figure out what I wanted to do. I wanted to challenge my independence, being in the unknown and just seeing what’s beyond my backyard.

In college, they do not teach you that life is EXPENSIVE. Yes the world is your oyster however, you all have to start somewhere and the majority of us will be starting from the bottom. Which is going to not be pretty at first but whoever said great things take time, is genius. Having it easy comes with zero appreciation; it just makes you become more entitled. In this day in age anything can happen at swipe of our fingertips thus becoming instant gratification. To be honest though, that’s only going to hurt us in the long run rather then help us.

Each to ones own.

I am here to say to you, stop wishing and start living.

Take a breath for a second or 10 and stop panicking. You are still a baby. You’ve just been working or attending school for 16+ years. Give yourself a break.

Go see the world for a bit or even the towns that are near you or heck, have never even heard of but they’re literally north, east, south or west of you. There are many ways of getting around from foot all the way to a plane. Whatever it is, relax. You will never get these years back my sweet friend. Stop doing what the world says and just do what you think is right for yourself!

Be ok with the bare minimum right now because that’s life. Sometimes it’s unfair, but I know you are very capable of challenging yourself to be ok with that. At least you’re being challenge, which will grow you in more ways than you can imagine.

For the planners, that’s so awesome you want to be married, have kids, savings, a house, etc. but right now you are here. In debt, living paycheck to paycheck, living at home whatever it is. Enjoy that. Enjoy the simplicity in that. If you don’t you won’t ever be grateful for anything, not even that 6 figure job, that job title, those friends, those travels, even that dream car… it wont be enough.

So, enjoy. Enjoy the simplicity and stop wanting to grow up too fast.