Here Are The Best British Names of 2014


To celebrate the British royal family’s recent trip to the United States, we’ve compiled a list of the best British names of 2014. All of these are real people that live in Britain, living normal lives just like you and me. Some of them artful dodgers, others professional carolers, one man is a clerk at the office of the mustache chancellor, and yet another tastes and smells pocketwatches, to identify and rank integrity. Just think, you’d be named like this if you lived in England:

Nigel Cumgently

R. F. L. Mittens

Wainscot Proxy

Wendle Ravagewhistle

Cheese Danish III

Francis Sexcuss

Spencer Goldanus

Covington Bullshit

Chauncey Tennytinny

Charles Barles

Goodman Bumbleeboobs

Fuck Pisschild

Genital Mealhouse

Duncan Doughnut

London British

Bondjames Bond