Photos Reveal What Men’s Bodies Look Like Without Photoshop


Everyone knows the media uses Photoshop to create unrealistic ideals of female beauty, but few people recognize that Photoshop also hurts men. It’s true.

Just look at this picture here:

Notice anything wrong? He’s fat and disgusting. It’s because he does photo retouching for an advertising agency. Photoshop did that to him. This poor man spends 10 hours a day in front of a computer making women that wouldn’t fuck him look like they really wouldn’t fuck him. Fifty years ago men worked outside and they were hot. Photoshop ruined that.

Check out these pictures of real men. Look at what men look like without Photoshop:

Brad, “Nah I have no idea what Photoshop is, I’m a personal trainer.”

Steve, “I do construction and I still spell things phonetically. I have to look at the keyboard when I type.”

John, “I’ve never not had abs and I think email and wifi are the same thing.”

Clint, “I type 15WPM. 10WPM if you don’t count things like ‘bro’ or ‘legit.’ Eight words if I’m flexing. I’m usually flexing.”

Derrick, “I think HTML is something you can get from a whore.”

Glen, “I’m probably racist but it’s hot and charming because I work on a farm.”