Here’s How Your Biggest Flaw Becomes Your Biggest Strength, Based On Your Zodiac Sign



A young Aries sets fire to everything, they want to see the world burn. A grown Aries sets fire to the old, making room for the new, and creates life in the wake of destruction.


A young Taurus is greedy, stuffing themselves for a winter so tough it will never come. A grown Taurus is refined and walks the line between preparing too much and living day to day.


A young Gemini will not stop talking. They vocalize everything, and will get into arguments with people over things they know less about, insisting they’re right just so they can feel like they know it all. A grown Gemini realizes that a message sent has far less merit than a message received.


A young Cancer wants to make the world a home, wants to soften all the edges of the outside, make the streets child-proof at night. A grown Cancer understands that salt water cannot only be tears but also sometimes has to be a raging sea.


A young Leo tugs and pulls at sleeves, desperate to make people stay, make the world revolve around them. a grown Leo radiates love and light that make the world come to them, but a grown Leo also realizes that while the world revolves around the sun, the sun must warm itself.


A young Virgo is that one person in every group project. everyone around them knows that if you leave something undone around them, they will fix it. A grown Virgo does not just spend their time tying up loose ends others left behind but takes on the tasks that please themselves, not the others.


A young Libra is an insufferable peacekeeper, so scared of conflict they’d rather have everyone bottle their feelings up and act nice than actually resolve their problems. A grown Libra recognizes how crucial it is for peace that justice is served, and does not hesitate to do what is just, even if that initially causes conflict.


A young Scorpio revels in knowing everyone’s secrets and all the latest gossip, even when they have no need to know. a grown Scorpio uses their insight and empathy to help others realize the things about themselves they aren’t able or willing to realize.


A young Sagittarius can be a hopeless skeptic and a traveler without direction. they question and doubt just for the sake of doubting, and they travel just for the sake of being away from home. A grown Sagittarius is an explorer and a philosopher but doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel, and they can be a tourist in their own country.


A young Capricorn is their own worst enemy. their need to be the best will stop them from attempting anything if they’re not sure they’re gonna do it perfectly. A grown Capricorn realizes that success always comes after a struggle and that failures are not the end of the world, so they shouldn’t be so hard on themselves.


A young Aquarius is stubborn and will go against authority for no reason at all. A grown Aquarius is a rebel with a cause and has a clear purpose to the changes they initiate.


A young Pisces can sometimes feel like they’re drowning in the world. everything goes too fast and there is so much depth to life. A grown Pisces is not scared to explore that depth but knows when to come back up to the surface and take a deep breath again.