Why Dating An Empath Will Be The Best Decision You Could Ever Make


Hypersensitive individuals are often looked down upon as being “too soft” or some other synonymous phrase depicting us as somehow weaker than the “average” person. However, instead of focusing on the fact that we’re less able to take negative things than some others can, I think it’s time to focus on the superpowers we have. The ones I’ve listed below are just a few of the deeper aspects you can expect from an empath. Get to know one of us and you’ll see that, just beneath our sensitive shell, is a beautifully kind heart just searching for the right person to unleash our endless ocean of love on.

1. We Care

No one will care more deeply for you than a highly sensitive person. We care for others the way we wish they would care for us. We know how it feels to need someone to simply be there for you and remind you that you’re not crazy-someone to just listen. And we love to be that person for others. It’s our niche. It’s effortless for us. It’s who we are. If you’re sick, we’re the person that will research every possible way to help you feel better as soon as possible. We will be there to catch (and hopefully prevent) your tears. We also give pretty great advice so that’s always a plus. Ultimately, we’ll probably end up caring about you more than your own mother so you’ll never have to worry if you will have someone in your corner.

2. We Make You Better

We are incredibly intuitive individuals so we are going to see the best in you even if you don’t. That means that we will not allow you to remain complacent in any habits or acts that are going to be potentially harmful to the bright future we see you’re fully capable of achieving. We are going to push you to be the best possible version of yourself and progress toward your goals. We are willing to sacrifice what you may temporarily think of us if we think that it will help make you a better person. That’s how much we love you. We care way too much to allow you to settle if you’ve told us (even once) that you might want more than that. When you’re with us, you may not always be comfortable, but you will always be growing into your ultimate self. After all, isn’t that what’s most important?

3. Mediocrity isn’t a Thing

When you’re with an empath, you will never be bored. We live to make others happy. That means we will work extra hard to keep the relationship exciting and fun. A lot of us are children at heart and can be the bubbliest individuals as long as we feel safe enough to be our true selves. We’re just as hypersensitive to beautiful and positive things as we are to the negative, which means we find joy in the small things. And we will always be ready to share that joy with you. We can find something exciting in the most mundane of circumstances and light in the darkest places. As long as we feel secure around you, be ready for lots of love and laughter.

4. We Will Spoil You

This goes along with the fact #3. We tend to be full of emotions almost all the time and we love sharing those with others. No one will shower you with gifts like we can. Get ready for random heartfelt love notes just for being you. Not to mention new clothes, cards, or pretty much anything we think might bring a smile to your face. We love so deeply that sacrifice is typical for us. We’ll go without if it means doing or getting something that will make you happy. That doesn’t mean that all our gifts have to cost money. The most meaningful thing we can give you is our hearts and we are going to make sure you understand just how badly we want to offer it to you. Just please remember to handle with care. It takes a lot for us to open up and risk being hurt-especially when we’ve been hurt before. For us, it’s “once bitten, thrice shy”

5. We Will Never Give Up on You

This is rather self-explanatory and it couldn’t be more true. Since we are such fragile individuals, it takes a lot for us to invest in someone. Therefore, once we do, we don’t want to let go. Even if circumstances change and times get rough, an empath will very rarely be the one to leave. We keep trying to find the positive and help it thrive. We love so incredibly deeply that giving up on someone is almost inconceivable to us. We will stay and fight and fight until our last breath for someone that we have decided is worth it. Basically, we don’t give up unless we feel like we’ve been given up on. If an empath ever has to leave someone, it’s probably only because they’re down to their last shred of emotional, mental, and physical health. We’re in it for the long haul.

These are just a few of the many benefits of dating a hypersensitive person. To recap, we love and care incredibly deeply. We will shower you with that love through various gifts, acts of kindness, or whatever it is we think you may need. We’ll take better care of you than you would yourself. So if you’re ever debating getting into a relationship with an empath, go ahead and jump in. You won’t regret it.