Here’s The Thing: Love Is Absolutely A Choice


I believe that we can all choose to be enough when we believe that we are. When you believe that you’re the right one for someone, you can be it. So when people say we deserve better, they’re actually just throwing away their chance to be that someone better we deserve.

Remember this. If they wanted to be right person for you, they would try. No matter how difficult or impossible it may seem, the ones who are worth it will know it’s worth trying. 

It is just so frustrating to know that they’re capable of loving someone but seeing them choose not to just because they’re afraid to try. I choose to believe that the “right” love will not come easy. Love is something you work hard for, something you build. It’s not something that falls out from the sky served on a silver platter. Love is choosing to build something beautiful with someone. It is choosing to take a risk even with the chances of getting hurt. It is choosing to be strong enough to jump off a cliff with no assurance that someone will catch you. It is choosing the uncertainty that one day they may leave you. But at the end of the day, what will matter is that you choose to love, you choose to try.

No one’s ever difficult to love. It’s just that when it gets hard, you tend to lose sight of what matters and you find it difficult to stay in love. But at the end of the day, you choose to fight for it. You will choose to love, no matter how hard it gets. You will choose the person you love, not only when it’s easy but especially during the days that it gets hard. You choose them not because it’s convenient.

If loving was a choice, staying and leaving were too. The universe may get to decide on who enters your life, but you get to choose who stays in it. And when we choose to leave it is because we’re strong enough to accept that it won’t do anyone any good if we stayed. This is why you can still choose to love someone even from afar.

Love is a choice you make every day. You love who you can, in the ways you know how to. You love because you can and you want to. Love, because that is one choice that’s never wrong to do.