Here’s The Truth: We’re All Just Trying To Get To Tomorrow


We’re living in a generation where we are heavily influenced by social media. Sometimes it can be hard to define what reality is and what is a facade. As humans, we are susceptible to believing we’re the only ones going through challenges in our everyday lives.

However, you and I both know this isn’t true.

You might wake up and ask yourself:

“Am I good enough?”
“Will I ever get through my depression?”
“Can people around me
notice the anxiety that makes it so difficult for me to leave my house?”
“I’ve always been the underdog, so will I make it in my career?”
“Will, I ever reach my dreams? Will the loneliness I feel ever subside?” 

You ask yourself over and over again, “Will I make it in this life?”

At times you look at your neighbors and see faces, but you don’t see their stories. You assume that they have no clue what it feels like to experience this pain.

Here’s the truth, we’re all just trying to get to tomorrow.

We’re all trudging through our own dirt-filled paths; step after step, heaving, as we push relentlessly to make it to the top.

None of us are immune from experiencing pain and if you think that you’re the only one whose journey is filled with twists and turns that catch you off guard, you’re not alone.

No one but you might understand what it feels like to experience the pains, the grief, the loss, the disappointments, failures and the rejections that you’ve faced. Nevertheless, someone out there is experiencing something they believe they’ll never make it through.

This isn’t to belittle what you’re facing today, it’s to give you hope that in the midst of your struggle, there are others out there who are fighting with you to survive the challenges of life.

I know it might be hard to stay encouraged when you are trying to make it, but remember, you’re only human.

It’s okay to make mistakes. It’s okay to vent your frustration at the way life is going. It’s also okay to wonder if things will ever get better. 

Life isn’t meant to be perfect but I promise you on the other side of your pain, there will be lessons learned and newfound strength to face whatever comes your way.

As long as you’re here there’s a chance to make it to wherever you want to be.

Because here’s the truth: we’re all just trying to get to tomorrow.