How Would You Describe Your Essence?


If you could paint your essence, what would it look like?

I think it’d be pink and sparkly. Or maybe it’d be all the colors of the rainbow. Better yet – it’d be the color of the sun setting, that warm, golden, bright light that makes everything it touches glow. Yes, that’s it – your essence, it glows. It gives everyone around you warmth and light. It is beautiful.

If you could draw your essence, what would it look like?

I think it’d be an intricate pencil drawing. Strong lines that curve, and bend, and twist, and turn. Did you ever see a drawing of an old Swiss grandfather clock? Intricate with details, precision, and craftsmanship? I think that’s what your essence would look like. Complicated, but beautiful. An intricate masterpiece.

If you could sing your essence, what would it sound like?

I think it’d sound like the sweetest mockingbird. Like waves crashing upon the shore – strong, mighty, and free. I think it’d sound like the tuning of an orchestra before the lights go down on Broadway – a low, steady, beating hum that builds. I think all of those sounds – sweet, strong, mighty, free, low, and steady are part of the soundtrack of what makes you, you. It’s an essence that you could sing from the rooftops, from the stage, from where your feet are planted right now.

If you could dance your essence, what would it move like?

I think it’d be the strength and grace of Misty Copeland at the ballet. Fluid, beautiful, strong. I think it’d be the swivel of hips on the dance floor at your favorite club – moving, swaying, beating with life. I think it’d be bopping and flailing like a little kid who’s excited and can’t contain it. See how they jump around? That’s the dance of joy.

If you could speak your essence, what would it say?

I think your essence would tell you that there is more to me than what you see. That I am light, and I am dark. I am sad, and I am happy. I am all the colors of the rainbow, and all the shades of grey, too. Your essence would whisper your fears and shout your joys – it would remind you over and over again that you are a multifaceted, magnificent being. It would be your biggest critic and your biggest cheerleader. It would always tell the truth, and speak to what’s written on your heart.