Here’s To All The Girls Taking Selfies, I Hope You Never Stop


Here’s to all the girls taking selfies. The girls with phones outstretched, finding the angle that makes them feel best. The perfect lighting. The perfect filter to slap on that bad boy.

Here’s to all the girls feeling good in their skin. Be it with a contoured face or freshly out of the shower. Be it enhanced by Sephora or with a natural glow.

Take the pictures. Take them all. If you’re feeling it, take 100 in a row. Soak in this moment and say, “Damn, I look good.” Because you do.

I know what people tell you. How this act is perceived as arrogance, a waste of time. They’ll tell you it’s foolish, how could this be self-love? Someone will attempt to guilt you, say something like, “Beauty is on the inside, don’t you know that?”

And you do. Of course, you know that.

But in a world that profits off women hating their physical appearance, aren’t you allowed to rebel against that? Aren’t you allowed to decide you love yourself – inward and outward? Is that a crime?

So, here’s to all the girls taking selfies. I’ll always want to see your radiant faces.