Here’s What Life Is REALLY Like When You’re An Empath


I love the rain

I love watching the rain pour as if my problems and worries are being washed away by the rain. The magical effect it has on me when I am having too many thoughts and distractions at the same time.

I love to look out the window

I love looking out the window of my house, the bus I’m in, the train I’m taking, and the window of the aeroplane I’m flying to my destination. Just watching the world go by through these windows make me feel at peace and recharges me mentally.

I can’t help but cry a lot

Watching any touching or emotional scenes on television shows, documentaries and movies will always be a challenge for me to not cry as it feels like it is happening to me at that point in time.

I am a hopeless romantic

I give all of me to people whom I love and with a mindset of treating them the same way, as I would want to be treated in love. I feel a lot in love and I believe in a happily ever after even though a part of me knows that happily ever after does not really exist in reality in this present time.

I am very sensitive

I am very sensitive and I know I am. I do not see the wrong in being sensitive towards people around me. As an empath, I often think in the shoes of another and will try to avoid hurting anyone by the way I speak in order to get my message across.

I wish others were as sensitive

As I am always sensitive towards others’ feelings, sometimes I find it frustrating as to why some people are not sensitive or understanding towards other people’s feelings. I believe we should always be considerate of how others are feeling.

I am easily affected by how others feel

I feel what others are feeling and it feels like I am going through the same emotions as them even when they might feel better afterwards but I’ll still be feeling pretty down which brings me to the next point below.

I need my alone time

I love being around people whom I am close with but I need my alone time to relax and maintain my inner peace because I do not want to be absorbing other people’s emotions all the time.

I feel emotional by listening to music

I listen to music that depicts my current mood and often times, even music without lyrics gets to me. Music is an important part of my life because it relates to me in many different ways and hits me on an emotional level.

I love to be in nature

Being surrounded by the sight of trees and mountains instantly calms me down and I often find myself immersing in what Mother Nature has to offer and nothing is greater than being in a part of this big big world and absorbing the positive vibes of a scenic place.

I love the ocean

I fell in love with the ocean when I first saw it. The ocean is like my emotions. They come in waves and each wave can either be gentle or rough. Watching it calms me down and sometimes I would like to think that I am a mermaid living in the ocean.

I love and hate being an empath

Sometimes I wish I was not an empath as my emotions get to me all the time when I feel too much and it can be overwhelming. Sometimes I am proud to be one and I think that being an empath makes the world a better place as we could definitely need more kind hearted souls around.

I feel, live and love this world with empathy.