I Am Finally In A Better Place


I am in a better place

Months, years and what seemed like a lifetime has passed ever since I moved on from the people whom I used to love in each relationship at different stages in my life. I know I am in a better place because I woke up with a smile each day as long as I know that I have my family and friends with me. With a hopeful heart, I am eager to know what will happen each day as I age.

Thinking about the past now brings a smile to my face knowing that I was once important to them in both of our lives and that has helped me grow in many different ways.

I am happier right now and I believe I am.

Maybe somewhere in me, I still yearn for a love that fills me up and brings a smile to my heart and soul whenever I open my eyes early in the morning and before I go to bed at night, but I believe this is where I am and where I should be right now. I am contented.

This is me moving on and in my present state, knowing that I have left every inch of pain and aching part of my heart somewhere in this universe, somewhere in history, perhaps scattered around the world as dust where none of us will have the full access to.

This is me rewriting my emotions, my strong beating heart, and my life as I step away from things that brought tears to my eyes and to my once weak, aching heart. I am better than who I was back then.

This is me believing that I am in a better place, inhaling and exhaling what life has to offer as it passes by each and every day. This is me waking up each day knowing that I am in control of my own emotions and long gone were the emotional rollercoasters, drama and relationship woes.

This is also for you, especially if you are in a bad place. You will overcome this and you will be much happier than ever. This is me telling you that we are very strong beings and in fact, we will always be able to stand up strong no matter what situation we may be in right now. Your heart is still beating strongly despite the pain you have felt, this is your body telling you that you are living for yourself and your heart beats only for you and you should never be living for anyone else, especially those who have chosen to give you the pain that you do not deserve. Every bad memory just proves to nurture you into who you are today and you’ll get even stronger, this I promise you.

This is your mind, soul, and heart reminding you that you are a strong individual and you always have been, since birth. You will always be in a better place with time.

Give yourself a hug, look at yourself in the mirror, smile at your own reflection, kiss your reflection on the mirror every day because you are beautiful even if you don’t see it and you should do just that because you will feel better day by day, loving yourself more and putting yourself first before people who are undeserving and doubtful of you.

Sing the songs you love out loud, express yourself and your emotions through your voice, and feel every emotion running through your veins as you sing. Inhale deeply, close your eyes and smile with each inhale. You’ll learn to love life and live in each moment because life is happier this way and you are in a better place.