Here’s Why Bragging About Yourself Is Actually A Good Thing


“If I had ever learnt, I should have been a great proficient.” — Jane Austen

Brag about yourself internally.

All of our lives we are taught to keep our chin down, do what you are told to do, and stay put. I challenge you to brag about yourself. It does not have to be external or cocky sounding, but internal.

Internally bragging is a magical thing. The reason it is so magical is because, in that moment, you become your own hype man or hype woman. Brag as proudly as you can and as often as you can. Build your confidence through bragging. Hype yourself up to the max, and then go further.

When broken down, confidence is merely your opinion of yourself. When you are insecure and constantly tearing yourself down, it only makes sense that your confidence will be low as well. Now is the time to turn that around. It is your time. Build your foundation and turn it into a trampoline and propel yourself up to another notch.

You can build confidence from anything, starting at any level. All you need to do to build it is keep going. Do not stop because you think you are satisfied with where you are at; push yourself to go further and build your confidence more and more. Soon, where you thought you were comfortable will feel and look like a distant memory compared to how far you have come and how far you will go.

The process of bragging molds your brain to be confident, to be outgoing, and to simply just feel good, and we all deserve that. So right now write down a few personal brags. They can be short and sweet, long and complex, or a mix of the two it is entirely up to you.

I’ll start:

I got fully ready today in 10 minutes and I do not look like it.

I have progressed and improved my writing a lot.

I do not give up on achieving a goal.

Yours may be:

I am funny and light up a room.

I have beautiful bright blue eyes.

I have pushed through tough times.

No matter what your list looks like, believe every part of it, and do not forget to add to it. Build your confidence, keep your chin up, and take one heck of a jump off of that trampoline.