Here’s Why You Should Embrace Love, Not Fear It


Love does not make you insane, nor is it a drug that you are addicted to. To say something as beautiful as love is the reason you are unhappy makes it look frightening. The perception we have of it makes the majority of us fear it when we should be embracing it with open arms.

Love is gentle. It’s the calm of the waves as they flow evenly and lightly at night. It’s the sound of the rain as it falls peacefully in the morning. It’s the leaves that quietly fall around you as you take a long walk in the evening.

Love is soothing. It’s the fluffy blanket you wrap yourself in as the snow gracefully falls. It’s the scented candle that flickers gently. It’s the warmth in the cup of tea you hold in your cold hands.

Love is forgiving. It’s the church you go to, the mosque you pray at, or the temple you worship in. It’s the hands that hold you when you have done things you cannot take back; it’s the parent that signals you into their open arms when you have no direction to turn.

Love is sophisticated. It’s the moments you spend lost in your books, it’s the classes you take to become what you have always wanted to be, it’s the composure and respect that you have for yourself when you are facing a day that hasn’t been gentle on your well-being.

Love is appreciative. It’s the loss of a loved one you’ll never see again but the blessing in ever having known them at all, it’s the deeds you do to help those in need; it’s the things in your life that keep you consistently going.

Love is clear. You never have to guess it, because once it makes its way in, it will turn a light on in your heart that may have been turned off for a long time until the right people come home and turn those lights back on.