With Every Season Of Your Life, Learn To Let Go


We grow with the leaves on the trees. In spring, we are blossoming and lively; our colors are playful and vibrant. In summer, we are alive and thriving, blowing away in the warm heat. In fall, we begin to turn a little darker; our colors change, but there is still a sense of coziness around us. By winter, we are cold and bare, with no leaves to show anymore.

You are the tree that is rooted and standing firmly, but your leaves are not here to stay. They are your experiences that keep leaving you, only to prepare you for new ones. Each leaf that falls off our tree is something we are letting go of. Sometimes we try hard to cling onto some of the leaves we love most because they give us a sense of warmth that we think we need when what we should be doing is letting them go delicately and letting ourselves become bare to the cold. Let the leaves fall away peacefully without a sound and take each loss gracefully, because a new leaf will blossom again.

When you do not nourish your soil, over time you will become brittle, so you should let the tears that form in your eyes fall and water your growth. Let your arms be the branches that carry others when their branches become weak. Let the love you have in your soul be rich enough to help other trees blossom and grow so that you can build a forest. Let the seasons change and allow yourself to change with them. Let the cloudy days be the days that gather up hope and readiness for your sunny days, because on those sunny days, you will radiate and your beauty will shine through.

Let each season that slowly takes something away, prepare you for what the next season is ready to give.