Here’s Your Favorite Sex Position, According To The State You Live In


According to the 2017 U.S. Sexual Satisfaction Study, most U.S. couples are very satisfied with their sex lives (ranking them a 70 points out of 100). The most sexually satisfied state is Kentucky and the least sexually satisfied state is Oregon. The most commonly favored sex position is Missionary — which 10 different states chose as their favorite. Most US couples have sex on Sundays and the average time spent having sex rounds out to about 12 minutes.

Find your state and see which position is being used the most!

Alabama: Missionary.

Arizona: Lotus.

Arkansas: Cowgirl.

California: Missionary.

Colorado: Doggy style.

Connecticut: Victory.

Delaware: Drill.

Florida: Sideways 69.

Georgia: Victory.

Hawaii: Cowgirl.

Idaho: Doggy style.

Illinois: Missionary.

Indiana: Drill.

Iowa: Sideways 69.

Kansas: Launch pad.

Kentucky: Rodeo.

Louisiana: Asian cowgirl.

Maine: Deep stick.

Maryland: Deck chair.

Massachusetts: 69.

Michigan: Deck chair.

Minnesota: Lotus.

Mississippi: Rodeo.

Missouri: Lotus.

Montana: Butterfly.

Nebraska: Rodeo.

Nevada: Victory.

New Hampshire: Missionary.

New Jersey: Bentspoon.

New Mexico: Deck chair.

New York: Missionary.

North Carolina: Bentspoon.

North Dakota: Cowgirl.

Ohio: Cowgirl.

Oklahoma: Deep stick.

Oregon: Doggy style.

Pennsylvania: Asian cowgirl.

Rhode Island: Missionary.

South Carolina: Missionary.

South Dakota: 69.

Tennessee: Butterfly.

Texas: Rodeo.

Utah: Cowgirl.

Vermont: Doggy style.

Virginia: Missionary.

Washington: Doggy style.

West Virginia: Missionary.

Wisconsin: Missionary.

Wyoming: 69.