An Open Letter To All Of The Women Who Are Threatened By Me


To the women who are threatened by me
who make ultimatums to the ones they love
me or her
and they choose you


They are enabling your non-growth
they are enabling your insecurity to grow like weeds in the garden I had in Edmonton
where the green flowed and flowed
because no one did the work
no one got on their knees
in the dirt of what made them uncomfortable
and looked at their shit

Your insecurity isn’t about me
you are not threatened by me

You are threatened because you have yet to stare into the magnificence of all that you are
you have yet to look yourself in the eye of your heart and see that you are the catch

You are the body he wishes next to him
the lips he wishes to ravish
the heart he wishes to stand upon and proclaim

I find it threatening that you take away the freedom from the one that you love to nourish his spirit with humans that are there

And if I was to be less sugar and more spice–if I wanted to fuck him, I would have.

There was plenty of time for that.

If I wanted to take the flesh of him into my lips — I would have.

If I wanted to lie him down and taste his sweat — I would have.

And maybe I already did — and we decided that the dance wasn’t with our limbs or our red hearts–but one of joy, of laughter, of play.

It isn’t real
that fear
growing inside your head

I am not your threat
I am a mirror to the excellence inside your spirit you have yet to stand inside and look up into this world with eyes like fire and a laugh like honey
a power in your belly that cackles like the witches that live in the fires of those who believe in magic

You will continue to walk with rose coloured glasses until you tap into the love that is inside of your heart
like sap
letting it drip upon each inch of your soul until you know for certain you are all that you need and all that he needs

And then, I may walk into a room

And we may smile — for I am you and you are me

And we share the truth between our souls.

Janne Robinson is a poet and author of
This Is For The Women Who Don’t Give A Fuck.
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