He’s Your Peter Kavinsky So Never Let Him Go


Dearest Lara Jean, I know you’re scared of commitment because you’re more terrified of getting hurt again. However, Peter Kavinsky has been a long time coming. You deserve every ounce of affection and attention he gives you, every compliment on the things that nobody else notices, and every fantasy you’ve ever played out in your head blossom into a reality.

Do you see how much he likes you? How his smile gets a little bit bigger every time you’re in the room? He is completely different from any other boy you’ve liked. You might only have a slight idea of what I’m talking about because I know you’re afraid to admit that you’ve actually found someone in this world that would never dream of hurting you. But it’s the way he’s always there, to listen to everything you have to say. He wants to know how your day is going, every problem you can’t seem to solve at the moment, and even the things that make you uncomfortable.

It’s the way he protects you, from everything and everyone who makes you feel uneasy. It’s the way he encourages you to always be honest, especially when it comes down to how you feel. Don’t get me wrong, he isn’t perfect-but for you, he’ll try to be.

Have you noticed the way he compliments you? The way he tells you that you’re pretty and beautiful followed with other words like smart, funny, and strong. The way he compliments other parts of your personality- like your style. The way he uses his words that are were once directed towards your body, he expresses towards your actual fashion sense.

And lastly, have you noticed the little moments that were unplanned have gradually become the best moments both of you have spent with each other? Those moments give you the peace because they show you that everything is going to be alright. They prove that he isn’t planning to go anywhere soon, you were never second best because there is no one like you.