Hold On To The Girl Who Thinks She’s Hard To Love


She’s the kind of girl who’s hard to love. The type of girl, boys don’t want to deal with. Because she knows what she wants and no one can ever change that. Maybe she’s complicated, but her complexity makes her valuable. Her soul is so old that she never understood how to ace modern dating and she’s proud of it. Because she knows that true love never settles for less.

For her, love is everything. It makes the world a better living place. A lot of people nowadays don’t value relationships and commitment. She’s somehow afraid of what the world has become today. The main reason she’s aloof with the idea of being in a relationship.

But this I tell you, she’s the girl for keeps. Her strong faith in true love from God is her anchor in life. She’ll share that faith with you, because all her life; she’s been praying and waiting for you.

So if you’re looking for the perfect girl to love, choose the girl who’s hard to love. She might demand you with a lot of things, but everything is worth it for she will give you her everything as well.