There are a lot of disgusting people in Los Angeles. There are a lot of disgusting people in New York too but for some reason I find the New York breed of terrible easier to handle. The folks here are deeply narcissistic and insecure. Also, not to be a snob, but I feel like New York has such an intense vetting process. Not everybody can move there. If you do, you’ve got to be great. Los Angeles, on the other hand, isn’t a difficult place to live at all. In fact, it’s very easy. So you get a lot of people who are just thirsty and floating, desperate to be something. They can coast on being psychos because the city demands nothing of them.

I love everything else about LA. I truly love it. I want to live here. I want to die here. And I want to do everything in-between. I am grateful every day to be back home in California. Today I was drinking wine in Venice with a friend of mine and i looked at the sky, which looked like scoops of rainbow sherbet splattered across an endless expanse of blue, and I felt euphoric. I guess i felt that way in New York too but I can no longer remember it. Maybe that’s a good thing.