How The Universe Presents Us With The Choice To Be Our Best Or Our Worst Selves


I captured this bird last night in my room. I am supposed to cage him in a bicycle basket but I decided not to. He’s a beautiful creature and the Universe owns him. I am not entitled to get him in the first place but I think he’s confused with all the darkness and a sliver of light from our living room. So ye, instead of putting him in a cage, I decided to put him on a candle plate (without the candle of course) for him to rest. 

I always believe in OMENS that the Universe and even God give us. They use animals to give us lessons or cautions. Animals are used, I suspect because they are still grounded in the spiritual realm. This is not some sort of Game of Thrones trivia but even our ancestors used them in their tribes thousands of years ago. 

With what happened last night, this bird is an omen for me. I think it’s a good one. Because I got this sick feeling in my stomach that, I am trying to sabotage my own life. Birds are free creatures and they don’t want to be caged. They are the creatures of the light and also darkness (for some). But the point here is that I and other people out there right now, are basically in their times of darkness like the bird. 

But this omen for me signifies good because I didn’t cage him. I don’t want to cage myself anywhere of my life and I am willing to touch every dark fantasy running in my head to be a free man. A free man that chooses both light and darkness. It is time for me, even for you, to spread those wings to fly. I am sharing this because I think it will give us both a lesson. The only reason we feel stuck at the moment is that we try to battle the darkness. You should embrace it with all of you and let it be your friend. Like me, free yourself from it. This is not a battle of who is a good and bad person. This is a battle of owning your own darkness and light. This is taking ownership of yourself.

This morning when I woke up, I feel light. It’s like the baggage that is trying to pin me down were no longer there. But of course, life is a journey and we will be confused at times but this is the lesson of the bird. Own your darkness. Let your baggage be yours and comes the morning, drop them all.

The Universe does not own us but we are a part of its body. We function together like how the light and darkness function together.

Omens are everywhere and it is time for us to get back to our roots. It is about time to remember who we really are. We are free men. We are not jailed by our social media or prepackaged lifestyles.

Get back to reality. Your reality now is the reality of the lifestyle given to you by your televisions and social media accounts. Your reality is inside you.

Get in touch with it so you can see clearly the reality outside.