This Is What ‘Foreplay’ Actually Means Because Most Men Have No Idea


Foreplay is more than kissing her lips for five minutes before slipping your hand beneath her skirt. Foreplay is more than telling her how horny you are and asking her to join you in the bedroom.

She wants the foreplay to start from the second she wakes up in the morning, when you send her a text telling her how badly you want her, how you can’t wait until you see her again.

She wants you to make her feel wanted. She wants you to do a double take when you first walk into the room, because one glance isn’t enough to take in her beauty.

She wants you to squeeze her hand and hold her waist and slap her butt, because she gets pleasure from those little things, they matter more to her than how well you touch her in between her legs.

She wants you to massage her. Rest your hands on her skin, push her bra straps down the side of her arms, and rub your fingers against her bones. She wants you to make her feel relaxed, safe, stress-free.

She wants you to cook her dinner or take her out on the town or do anything at all to prove that you care. That you’re willing to put in effort to make her happy. That you aren’t just using her for her body.

She wants you to take things slow.

Give her tender kisses first before adding tongue. Run your hands through her hair before reaching beneath her shirt. Touch her on her cheeks, her waist, her stomach before moving between her thighs.

Take your time. Stop rushing through everything. Enjoy the curves of her body.

And remember to kiss her on more than just her lips. Kiss her collarbone. Her neck. Her breasts. Her stomach. Kiss her thighs. Kiss her forehead and the small of her back. Kiss her everywhere there’s beauty.

And, when all of her clothes are off and you’re finally ready for sex, make sure that she’s wet enough before climbing on top of her. Use your hands, your mouth, toys, or your tongue to make sure that she’s prepared. That she’s as turned on as you are.

Because she deserves to enjoy sex as much as you do. She shouldn’t have to flinch from pain or count the minutes until it’s over. She shouldn’t be dreading sex. She shouldn’t feel like it’s a chore.

That’s why you have to remember that foreplay is more than a minute of sweet talk before tearing her clothes off, it’s more than shoving your tongue down her throat. So slow things down. Give her the treatment she deserves.

Because the better the sex is for her, the more often she’s going to be in the mood for you.