How To Be Truly Happy With Yourself No Matter What Society Says


Growing up in the current day and age can be a bit of a challenge undoubtedly. When societal standards vary from one group of people to another, trying to find the “best fit” for yourself can be quite confusing and it usually ends up with you feeling anxious and upset about the most trivial things in life.

If you are a person like me, who pretty much believes that he/she is average in everything (even though you are actually not) and tends to shy away from the spotlight, then being genuinely happy and comfortable with everything can be quite tough.

I’m constantly stuck at this junction of trying to make myself happy and trying to find a place for myself amongst the “cool kids”. 

But sometimes we can get impatient; I did back then and truth be told, I still lose a sense of myself at times in the crowd. But there isn’t anyone or anything to blame. I personally believe that it just is a part of life and over time, it makes us stronger and builds a good ground for our morals in the long and the short run.

Here are some words on how to genuinely become a happier person and becoming more comfortable with yourself if you’re sick of feeling the way you do. And keep in mind, everything takes time and it all gets better with a small amount of patience.

If your fingers are always scrolling on some or the other social media like me, then this will probably be the most important piece of advice for you: stop comparing yourself with that person on Instagram.

Yes, I love photography and it is true that the captured moment is more beautiful than the picture itself, but trust me, everything does not just look better in pictures, but they look perfect. You cannot compare yourself with that person on Twitter or Instagram because you only have access to that part of their lives.

Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Comparing, without a doubt is the root cause of the destruction of yourself, so slowly try to get out of that habit if you have it.

When I was four years old, a dog bit me right in the side of my face and left a deep scar there. When I was 13 years old (first year into the great stage of puberty and deceiving, perfect standards set by popular school kids) I was not able to let go of the scar and asked myself “What the heck am I going to do with this?” But after two years I met someone, and they responded to the entire incident by saying, “Wow, you got bit by a dog and you didn’t even cry?! That scar looks so cool though.” After that point, I had never felt so proud and brave before.

Accept your flaws first and then embrace them. Who is society to say what is perfect and what is not?

Close your ears to all the negative things that people have to say about you and surround yourself with those who will embrace your little imperfections and help you do that as well. If there is anything that you yourself know that you can improve on for the better, then get to work but if it’s something that you cannot change then, accept it, love it.

You don’t need other people’s validation.

As creatures of this earth who come bearing all sorts of emotions, little compliments are always satisfying and flattering. But when someone says something that does not resonate with our thinking, we get hurt.

A third party’s validation is very much not needed. Don’t let compliments get to you and don’t let criticism hurt you. Look at everything as an outsider and then just do as what makes you as comfortable and as happy as possible.