How To Connect With Your Spirit Guides


Have you ever instinctively known the right decision? Maybe without much thought? Have you ever said, “I just know!” and truly believed it?

Some people would like to call this your “gut feeling”. I call it my intuition. Our souls offer endless guidance in life, as long as we are willing to listen. I also believe there are other souls joining us from time to time in our 3D bodies. These could include loved ones that have passed on. The quickest way to achieve the things you truly desire out of life is to learn to listen to yourself.

Learn to quiet your mind. There are so many tools online to assist in beginner’s meditations. If I don’t allot enough time in the morning, I will do just five minutes. I can’t go without it, and it makes a world of difference. I have always said that meditation is not about silencing your mind. It is learning how to sort through the thoughts you have. Leave the stress, anxiety, and anger behind for 30 minutes. Go back and sort through it later. This is crucial in opening our minds and hearts to something outside of our bodies. This allows you to really listen.

Trust yourself when you do.

Move your body. I know it is no shock that yoga is my movement of choice, but I do really enjoy strength training 1-2 times a week. Exercise keeps our bodies in balance. The movement allows any emotional blockages to easily move through us. The emotional “blockages” that would, if operating unconsciously, keep us in states of anger, resentment, or anxiety. My morning routine begins with a hot cup of coffee and 10-15 minutes of stretching. I play music and it is almost meditative to me.

I fill my day with content that stimulates my mind. I am showing the spirits that guide me that I am open to retaining as much knowledge as I possibly can.

Here are the messages I am sending:

I am reading because the fictional stories help me to develop my creativity.

I am exercising because I want to live a long, healthy, and fulfilling life.

I am giving when I normally wouldn’t because this financial status no longer serves me. I want to freely and securely give. The more money I make, the more generous I can become.

I started speaking to my spirit guides when I felt I had no direction in life. My actions daily are now purposely reflecting those of my truest self. There is absolutely no one that knows you like you. The more you practice and dedicate time to it daily, the easier it will become. It is so natural for me to fall into my meditative state (and this does not have to look like cross legged, palms out on the floor… but it totally can!). Do things that bring your soul the highest joy in that moment. Do not worry about the future. It is not here yet. Do not worry about the past because it never changes.

Above all things, learn to love yourself. Do the work. I mean, love yourself wholeheartedly. You deserve every single one of the desires of your being. You are magic.