This Is How You Create Your Life Mission


How clear are you on your mission?

We know by now that we have life force energy coming in and out with each breath. So, where are you dispersing that energy?

Are you crystal clear in the vision you are creating? What exactly are you trying to build? Unfortunately, “I wish I was rich” might not be too effective here. If you want to live a life that is a reflection of your truest expression, it would truly be beneficial to be a little more specific.

In order to realize your soul’s mission, because we are all different, it begins with establishing an amazing relationship and awareness of your heart center. When you lead in life, every day, in LOVE and are completely connected to your heart center, you begin to attract things of like energy.

Remember by like, we mean holding the same vibration. This includes aligning or like thoughts. Your thoughts create your reality.

Written words hold so much power. The energy in your body is being directed into creating words. These words create sentences. These sentences create ideas. These ideas create thought patterns.. These thought patterns create our belief systems. Are you still with me?

These belief systems become the information we pull from to live out our soul’s mission.

What belief systems are you establishing for yourself?

Are these empowering beliefs? Are these beliefs rooted in awareness and love for yourself and those around you?

When you begin acting based on your soul’s truest desires, you will never be led in the wrong direction. When you start to become aware of belief systems that are low vibrational and unserving, you can begin rewiring and forming new systems for yourself.

As you start to shift your belief systems day-by-day, you will start to see the reality around you shift.

Here is a good starting point: You have just opened your eyes for the day. What are your first thoughts? Are you excited to experience a new day? Are you creating action based on your soul’s mission in this phase? Are you expressing gratitude as soon as you wake up for simply waking up?

I empower you today to set your sights on a mission and I hope to be one of the teammates on your journey to assist you in accomplishing that mission.