How To Lose A Good Girl (Without Even Noticing You Are)


Watch her snap stories and like her photos but leave her messages unread. Make her wait to hear from you again. Make her wonder what your mixed signals mean. Make her wonder whether she is good enough for you.

You are going to lose her when you get cocky. When you assume she is going to keep fighting for your attention because she wants you that badly. When you assume she is going to stick around, no matter how many times you cancel plans or ignore texts or flirt with other women in front of her.

No matter how strong her feelings are, no matter how much she has endured from you in the past, she is going to reach a breaking point if you keep acting this way. She is eventually going to come to her senses and realize you are unable to give her what she wants.

When you have a big head, you won’t even realize you are losing her until it happens. You will feel smug when she sends the first text, when she double texts, when she asks you if you can hang out tonight or tomorrow or the next night. You will assume her life revolves around you, which is why you won’t put in any effort from your end. You won’t think you have to because she has been bending over backward since day one.

You will (wrongly) assume that there is nothing you can do to convince her to stop chasing you. You will keep treating her like a backup plan, because she has been letting you get away with it so far.

But what you aren’t seeing is that she is getting more and more frustrated with you each time you hurt her. At first, she will suffer in silence. At first, she will blame herself for not being good enough for you — but eventually she will realize you are the culprit. She will switch from hating herself to hating you.

She will realize there is no reason to text you back within seconds when you waited days to answer her the last time.

She will realize there is no reason to think about you all the time when you pick and choose when to pay attention to her.

She will realize there is no reason to treat you like a priority when you have been treating her like a third choice all along.

When that happens, there will be no going back. You won’t be able to convince her to stay with the tricks you have always used, like flirting with her as a distraction from the shitty way you’ve been treating her for the past few weeks or pretending you are sorry and will finally change your ways.

By then, she won’t believe your lies anymore. She will decide she has already wasted enough time on you.

When you lose her, you will wish you did something differently because she really cared about you. There was a time when she would have done anything for you. She could have been the best thing that ever happened to you — but it turns out you were the worst thing that ever happened to her.