What Forever Couples Look Like


Forever couples are the ones who vocalize their feelings. They say sorry when they screw up. They say I love you whenever the thought pops into their head. They make sure their person never feels taken for granted and always feels loved.

Forever couples are the ones who wear their hearts on their sleeves. They admit how they are feeling, even when it’s embarrassing. They cry in front of each other, even when it’s awkward. They never hold back in front of each other. They release their true selves.

Forever couples are the ones who talk positively about each other, even behind each other’s backs. They don’t whine to their friends about details that should be kept private. They don’t write passive aggressive posts on social media. They only have good things to say. They lift each other up instead of knocking each other down, because they are each other’s biggest supporters.

Forever couples are the ones who communicate well. Who listen to each other. Instead of starting fights over every minor disagreement, they hear each other out. They are open to seeing different sides of the story. They rarely scream even when they are frustrated and stay away from the silent treatment.

When something is wrong, they calmly come to a compromise because they are mature. They would never want to say something hurtful out of anger. They would never want to harm each other, even when they are pissed at each other.

Forever couples are the ones who consider each other best friends. They laugh together. They eat breakfast together. They watch television together. They take classes together.

They love spending time together because they have a bunch in common — and even when their person is interested in something completely outside of their comfort zone, they are willing to try new things because it would make the other person happy.

Forever couples are the ones who make enough room for each other in their worlds. They share friends. They bring each other to family gatherings. They tell work stories and swap secrets nobody else knows. They include each other whenever possible — but they also have their own lives.

They give each other space. They know when to ask questions and when to shut up and let the other person breathe because even though they wish they could always be connected at the hip, they know that is ultimately unhealthy because they are two separate individuals.

Forever couples are the ones who are completely comfortable with each other. They get dressed in front of each other. They shower in front of each other. They don’t lie. They don’t play pretend. They show each other their authentic selves. They love each other, even though they have seen every single flaw.

Forever couples are the ones who are confident in their relationship. They never worry about whether the other person is going to cheat or abandon them out of the blue. They know they are going to stay together forever. There is no doubt in their minds. They feel like they have truly found their soulmate