How To Make Every Day A Spa Day


1. Candlelight.

Start with investing in big, white candles, or just tea lights, they come in packages of 100 for about $6 each. They burn out after a few hours, so you can fall asleep with them on so long as they are contained in glass.

2. DIY beauty treatments.

Let it be known that this does not exclude men! There are few things that will bliss you out faster than an at-home deep conditioning mask or shellac nail kit. (Okay, maybe that is a little female exclusive). But a few staples you should always keep tucked away for a rainy/hairy day are: foot scrub, heavy duty moisturizing lotion, an at-home wax kit, deep conditioner, nail polish, an exfoliator and a fancy shmancy face mask.

3. Things for the most luxe bubble bath.

Bath salts, soaps, creams, candles, an excellent playlist (I actually recommend Pandora’s Spa Suite Radio), and a warm robe to step into once you’re done.

4. Have ingredients for a mimosa or margarita on hand.

Popping a bottle of champagne is always great, but making a specially-crafted drink to hold while you soak your feet and relax is even better.

5. A comfy space to lounge around.

I like to keep all of my bedding white — it makes it look even more like a fancy hotel while I’m falling asleep. Regardless of that, if not your bed, at least have a couch where you stock up on comfy throw pillows, a body pillow, and a few really soft throw blankets to cuddle yourself up on.

6. A personal massager.

I actually have a massage chair, but working out those kinks in your back from sitting at a desk all day is an absolute must for living the spa life. Try to do it before you go into the bath, the hot water after having loosened your muscles always feels fantastic.

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