XMAS IS COMING! 9 Game of Thrones Gifts For The Westeros Fan In Your Life


Thought Catalog is huge on Game of Thrones. We’ve cataloged thoughts on what your favorite GoT character says about you, which Game of Thrones dudes you should marry, and ranked the women of Game of Thrones by hotness, sans context. We’re total Westeros fanboys and girls! Read our recommendations for GoT gifts below.

Winter is Coming: Symbols and Hidden Meanings in A Game of Thrones

No Westerosi’s knowledge of Game of Thrones is truly complete without Valerie Frankel’s deep-dive analysis of the GoT world. Not only does Frankel wax philosophical on the hidden meanings behind specfic names, events, and even lines of dialogue, she also illuminates historical parallels between GoT family lineages and lineages that actually existed in Medieval Europe. Super interesting read, plus we published it!

Arya Stark’s Needle

This Christmas season, stick ’em with the pointy end! Or like, help someone else to do that. This dangerously real replica of Arya Stark’s infamous “Needle” is, I think, capable of skewering little fat boys, impaling indignantly injured kids’ necks (and killing them), or using for some seriously epic shish kebabs. Probably don’t get this for a kid!

The Hedge Knight, The Sworn Sword, and The Mystery Night

These three novellas by George R.R. Martin take place in the Game of Thrones world, dropping hints and revealing clues about events in A Song of Ice And Fire. These books are especially useful for binge consumers of GoT — those who’ve blazed through all four books, watched the series three times, and still NEED more Westeros content to help them escape their day-to-day reality (kidding).

Iron Throne replica (miniature)

The most practical use for this little throne will be that your fanboy lover can take it to work and signal to his coworkers that he’s way more into GoT than them. Good look or no, this thing looks sweet and is relatively inexpensive.

Game of Thrones throw pillows

Nothing says “I love you, person who’s so creepily obsessed with Game of Thrones that you’d actually want to decorate your house with crap from the books” better than decorative throw pillows that bear the insignia of the prominent Westerosi houses. That’s not weird at all!

Stark direwolf bookends

These bookends of the Stark house sigil are pretty classy, and a little more appropriate than the throw pillows.

Tower of the Hand: A Flight of Sorrows

Put together by the GoT superfans over at towerofthehand.com, Tower of the Hand: A Flight of Sorrows has distilled their best work into an analytical digital read that explores the overarching themes, narratives, and characters of the world of Westeros. Don’t think this is available in real-life format, so make sure the person you’re gifting it to has an e-reader.

Daenerys Targaryen dragon jewelry

With this Daenerys Targaryen dragon jewelry, your girl (or guy) will be able to go to next year’s Comicon in style. Plus it doubles as attire for her weekly Wicca gathering.

This cute little figure of Robb Stark


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