How To Self-Tan The Right Way



Summer’s coming and it’s time to switch-out all of your sweaters for dresses (finally– amirite?). The only thing that’s stopping you are those pasty, white, glow-in-the-dark limbs staring back at you in the mirror. But hey, after months of hibernation it’s time to let those gams out! Self tanner is a quick and easy way to accomplish a healthy glow without damaging your skin.

Self tanners can often be difficult; it can come out streaky, blotchy, or orange. As a lover of being tan, I have tried my fair share of self tanners and have had some horrifying experiences. Along the way I’ve learned some tips and tricks that help me achieve a tan that looks professionally done.


1. Test a small patch of the self-tanner first if you have sensitive skin.
2. Shower, shave, and exfoliate before applying.
3. Avoid using any oil based products prior to because it will interfere with the cream/mousse/spray.
4. To avoid over-saturation, apply cream to dry areas such as: knees, elbows, heels.


Face and Neck

For the face, I like to mix my face moisturizer and the tanner together to dilute the product and apply all over the face and down the neck.

Chest, Arms and Hands

Starting at your shoulder down, evenly spread the tanner in elongated circular motions.
From the edge of your shoulder, reach as far around your back as you can. Make sure to get the backs of your arm and lightly apply cream to your armpit. Use a small amount of product and apply to the tops of your hands. Avoid getting it in between your fingers, cuticles, and the heel of your hand.

Upper Leg and Body

Tan around the back of the knee and blend lightly onto the top. Your thighs will require a decent amount of tanner. Using the same circular motion apply from the thigh to the butt. Continue across the abdomen and back and finish with the chest.

Lower Legs

Start at the top of your ankle, blend in a long circular motion and work your way up to your knee. Similar to your hands avoid areas with rough or dry skin and use a small amount of product to blend.


Keep in mind we’re trying to achieve the most natural looking tan. Apply the product to the tops of your feet only and blend half way down the sides. Once again avoided your toenails and cuticles.


To finish your tan, use a damp cloth or baby wipes and dab your knuckles, knees, ankles, elbows, and sides of feet.

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