24 Reasons Why People Hold In Their Emotions, But Not Their Farts


Nobody likes to show their true colors all the time, because it can be painful to show that intimate side of yourself—no matter how close you are with a person. Likewise, holding in a bodily function just isn’t natural.

1. Showing your true emotions is something that makes you feel vulnerable and that’s not fun to do.

2. You don’t want to cry because someone else might start to cry and before you know it, it’s a big cry-fest.

3. Letting out a fart is a huge weight off your shoulders, so to speak.

4. Holding in your feelings can often make you feel strong, or like the bigger person.

5. Holding in a fart makes you feel like a bigger person (bloated). LET IT OUT.

6. Have you ever told someone how you really felt and it back fired in your face?

7. Have you ever tried to hold in something and it fired out your back side unannounced?

8. Crying in front of people is never funny, it’s actually an understandably sad moment.

9. It’s sad that you couldn’t hold in your fart long enough before you got away from everybody else, which in turn is funny.

10. A lot of times, instead of letting out your emotions you just need a few moments of silence to think things over, which can actually be the right thing to do.

11. A lot of times you thought a fart was going to be silent.

12. Letting out your emotions is uncomfortable.

13. Holding in your farts is uncomfortable.

14. Some people are guarded because they have never let their emotions out before.

15. Some people should probably feel more guarded about letting their farts out.

16. If you let somebody see you in a truly emotional state it means you’re moving on to the next step in your relationship—which you may not be ready for.

17. If you fart in front of somebody, you’re well into your dating relationship.

18. Remember when you told that person, “I love you,” and they replied, “Thanks,” instead of saying it back? Yeah, that hurt.

19. Remember when you were snuggled up with someone you had just started dating and had to hold in a fart because it was embarrassing? Yeah, that hurt too.

20. Ever thought letting out how you truly felt would bring on a sense of relief for it to only later bring on a sense of regret and embarrassment? That stinks.

21. Ever let out a gaseous bomb and felt a sense of relief? That stinks, but you’re relieved and not regretting it in the least.

22. You’re guarded because you’re an uptight hard-ass, so you hold your emotions in.

23. You’d crop dust a lot less people if you could manage being an uptight hard-ass more often.

24. Eating black bean veggie burgers make you wonder how fast you can make it to open air away from the general public.