How To Transform Your Pain Into Your Greatest Power


Society often neglects the fact you’re human just as much as they are. They taught you life is about winning against each other instead of yourself, and frankly, they treat a win as a measure of personal worth. They also teach you (and everyone else) the only way to win is to conform to this single expectation of what defines your perfection.

The world wants you to win, but little do they realize no one can fulfill your role as you better than you. You can’t contribute your best self to any endeavor if they’re not allowing you to step into what’s rightfully you.

Honestly, I can imagine how frustrating it is.

You need to be honest with yourself. All the pain you are feeling right now is because you’re maligned from your life purpose and the beautiful being you want to be. You impose self-limitations on everything you can become because you just want to answer to the world’s reprimands and feel worthy of that acceptance. How can they honestly expect you to pour everyone else’s glasses full when you haven’t refilled your own yet?

But sometimes it takes this pain destroying you, what you thought you knew about yourself, and the world to admit falling for their misguidance as your own. Times will come where you aren’t sure how to hold your pain or confront your truth… but you have to remind yourself it’s perfectly safe to feel, to want, to hurt, to be lost.

It’s safe to forgive yourself, but before you’re fully safe to sit with and honor yourself in entirety, you have to release anything weighing you down. Anything that no longer serves you physically, mentally, and spiritually. Anything that doesn’t honor your badassery or doesn’t align with your highest vision. Pain is only part of the process… it’s not the process.

You’re not your own worst enemy, your self-sabotage is. Not clearing the toxic energy debris from your energetic space clouds your reality. Your energetic space is everything from who you surround yourself with, what you ingest and consume, the knowledge you implement, the thought patterns you repeat, the words you speak into existence, and more importantly, it’s how you honor both the joy and pain you experience through it all.

Life is about picking and choosing your L’s wisely. Doesn’t matter if you look at religious or scientific fact — free will can either be a flow of powerful harmony or a force of self-destruction. The paradox, which is my entire point, is that we can choose to create or destroy through the power of perception.

Here’s a perfect example of how powerful your mind really is: I went to get my belly pierced when I was 15. I kid you not, I was squirming, squealing, and just being a total pain in the ass. The guy kept telling me it really wasn’t bad, but my fear of needles overtook me. He was so annoyed, he proceeded before he counted.

And he was right. It was like a pinch. That’s when I realized I was causing my own pain because of my perception and fear. As a matter of fact, I used to do the same thing at the doctor’s office. Now I can calmly get a shot and just deal with the small pain.

I understand most of you are confronting emotional pain (and pain way worse than a belly piercing), but your mind operates the same in those circumstances.

If there’s anything I’ve learned from my experiences (aside from the belly ring incident), your best self is actually your weakest. Not to say your best self is weak, but think about it — everything that makes you into your best self comes from the revitalizing transformation only pain can bring.

Pain and patience are how you build trust with the universe. With others. The greater process. More importantly, you build trust with yourself because sometimes you don’t know how strong you are until it’s the only option you have left.

And that, my friend, is how you start transforming your pain into power.