I Have Learned To Heal My Brokenness By Traveling Alone


I get asked a lot why I prefer to travel alone. Why not go with friends or family?

I travel, and I travel alone, because it’s the one time I can put the chaos of my world aside, even just for a minute, to find my center ground again. Sometimes that’s through meeting new people every day, breaking far from my comfort zone, and being open to sharing stories and experiences from different cultures.

But sometimes, it’s honestly just being present and connected with a new part of the world that allows me to be present and connected with my own life. I don’t need reminders or an understanding of the things that make me feel less than. I need to find a new perspective with a new part of myself — I need that reminder that I am so much more than. I need a reminder that there is aways, ALWAYS, so much more to life, and too often we don’t even sit down and truly believe that statement. We just say it and continue to go through routine motions of life when we’re destined to do SO MUCH more than that. On the outside I can hold it together pretty well, but I have a million and one struggles and failures that at times leave me feeling more broken than healed.

I travel everywhere and anywhere, and I do it alone, because I don’t want any one person or thing to make me question who I am or how I want to live what I believe to be a fulfilling life for myself. I rely so heavily on maintaining a positive, encouraging, and accepting life, day in and out. Sometimes it’s a lot easier than people think — truly living like there’s no tomorrow. But sometimes, it’s genuinely one of the most difficult things in the world.

But it’s what we do. It’s what we have to do. We figure out what it is in this world that makes us whole again, what it is that puts our brokenness back together in a stronger piece, and we hold onto it with all of our heart and being.

If you’re like me and feel like life has this massive teeter-totter effect, take time to really seek out what it is that makes your life worth living as a better human every day. Because that’s what we all deserve.