How We Are Going To Live Our Best Lives Today


We’re going to wake up and decide that we deserve to trust ourselves enough to make it through the day. That’s right. We are going to blindly trust ourselves for the next twenty-four hours to be able to handle what life throws at us, which logically, we have a great track record for. We are going to make a conscious effort to get pumped up for the day and remember that we have no idea what amazing things today could have in store. We are going to put it out of our minds that today would suck because we’ve been thinking that for a while and it never really seems to help anything. So even if we have to have a big bowl of delusion for breakfast to think that today could possibly bring us good things, we’re going to eat it all up and ask for seconds.

We’re not going to respond to people or things that are not adding value to our lives. We are going to acknowledge what needs to be acknowledged, embrace that external things have no power over who we are and what we have to offer, and we are going to go about our merry way. We are not going to expend our precious energy in trying to convince people to like us/our views/our stuff. We are also not going to use our energy judging other people for who they are/what their views are/what stuff they have and value. Nope, we’re not doing any of that today.

Today, we are going to decide that we should go ahead and enjoy our lives now, as they are. We are going to take a break from waiting to let ourselves be happy and live. We are going to say “enough” when our inner critics take center stage and try to convince us that this is absurd, that we would be better off bullying ourselves into productivity rather than take a moment to embrace where we are right now. We are not going to let the projection of other’s limitations make it into our emotional drive. We can commit to that for one day. And then maybe we can commit to it for another.

We are going to appreciate the gift that life is and trust that we have what we need to overcome the hardships. We are going to enjoy the ride for once. And dammit, we are going to live our best lives today.