I Am Done Letting Fear Control My Life


There is fear around everything we do it seems like, especially as girls.

We don’t order fries when we are with a group of guys because we are ‘supposed’ to have a salad and we don’t want to be judged.

We don’t speak our mind because we are afraid of the conflict it may lead to.

We don’t reach out to friends or our love interest because we don’t want to be rejected.

We don’t wear certain things that we want to wear because it’s not what everyone else is doing and we don’t want to be the weird one standing out.

We don’t work out in the gym in the same room as all of the guys because we don’t want to appear as weak in comparison to them.

Our reality is shaped by the fear we feel for our lives. Our actions are completely conditioned by the scarcity we feel about every single thing, everything that society has dictated for us.

I am done letting my fears control my life.

I am done letting my fear of rejection keep me from complimenting strangers. I am done letting my fear of being inadequate to keep me from having the conversations that I know I need to have. I am done letting my fear of failure keep me from attempting to do the things I really want to accomplish.

Our fears are not real, they are not Truth. Our fears are made up, thrust upon us over time. Our fears are taught to us by history and people who don’t know any better.

I encourage you to no longer let fear have a seat at your table. I encourage you, as well as I encourage myself, to fully let yourself be. I encourage you to compliment strangers, to reach out first, to love harder than others, to stop taking rejection personally and as a reason to not do the things you want to do. I encourage you to order the fries instead of a salad, and even a piece of the pie also.

I encourage you to walk into a room knowing how worthy and adequate you truly are.

I am done letting my fears speak louder than my Truth.

I am done letting my scarcity around reality be louder than my intentions and desires.

Fear is no longer going to control my life anymore, that’s my job. I want to control my life.