How You Wind Up Unhappy


You wind up unhappy when you put others before yourself. When you forget to put yourself first. When you value everyone but you. When you try to make everyone happy. Forgetting that you need to be happy too.

We wind up in unhealthy relationships with ourselves and others, mostly because we expect others to think like we do. And they don’t. And you can’t expect them to.

That’s where we go wrong.

We go through life people-pleasing. We want to be accepted. Universally liked. But forget about that. Make sure you like yourself. That’s number one. Always.

Because when you forget about yourself and stop putting yourself first, we began to lose ourselves. We think more about others than ourselves. And that’s one way to lose yourself.

To lose your confidence. Constantly wondering if we are pleasing others. If we are doing all we can. If others like or agree with us. Be more concerned if you like the person you are. The rest will come naturally.

When you like yourself, others will be drawn to you. You will worry less about how they feel and think as well. When you are happy in your skin, you actually care less. Because you know who you are. And if someone doesn’t like you, or doesn’t agree with you—well that’s on them.

Life is so short. We go through so many ups and downs. It’s okay to feel unsure of where you’re going sometimes. But no matter what, believe in yourself. Be confident in yourself and who you are. Know your worth. Know your strengths. Keep going.

It’s when we succumb to the pressure of others. When we let self-doubt win, that we become unhappy. We let expectations rule our lives. When sometimes they only bring you down. You wind up unhappy when you let others dictate who you are. Don’t let them win.