You’ll Never Be Able To Fill All The Gaps In Your Life (But You Can Do This Instead)


Don’t you ever feel drained from trying to fill the gaps?

Like there’s a hidden monster running after you all the time, a giant that exists only in your mind reminding you of the undone, the incomplete parts.

If you’re in love, you seek perfection or marriage. If you have a career you will want a better one — a different one, maybe. If you’re married, you wish for children, and if you have one maybe you will want another or dream of a better home for them. It’s an endless circle of running that will never stop.

But are those the real gaps you should fill? Maybe the real parts you should hunt to gather are the pieces of your heart that remained intact, the ideas you never gave time to think about, the weird dreams you never dared to pronounce even to yourself, the scars that are still bleeding and need to be healed, the stories that weighted down your heart for so long but remained unsaid, the dark sides of your soul that you need to confront and conquer, the little joys that mean the world, but you stopped paying attention to them.

You locked them all into a secret drawer named “one day I will” and probably thought you lost the keys, while in real life the drawer was never closed, you just forgot the way to it — to yourself.

We all need to fill the missing gaps, to do our best to find the missing puzzle pieces, to know the things that really matter, who we really are, what satisfies us. How far did we grow? What really changed? We all deeply need to fill the gaps, but within ourselves.