Huge Explosion Rocks New York’s East Village


At around 3:30EST a large gas explosion took place at 2nd Ave and East 7th St. Firemen responding to the scene were forced to leave the building and a Mayday was issued for a fireman who was down. Debris is now reportedly covering the gas shutoff valve in front of the building.

The effected 100-year-old tenement building has experienced a major collapse as well with multiple individuals believed to be injured.

Here is a photo of the buildings prior to the explosion

And here’s a backed out image. The explosion appears to have originated in the middle building of the smaller three brick buildings.

And the seven alarm fire (175 firefighters) has spread to adjacent buildings even as fireworkers work to contain it. Sirens from responding rescue and fire workers can be heard as far as TC’s offices in Brooklyn.

The New York Fire Chief says that this will be a fire containment operation until tomorrow morning before they convert to a multi-day search and rescue operation.

featured image – Twitter – @NYCScanner