Humans Speak In Music


Listen to the song You Found Me by The Fray.”

Does this sound familiar, regardless of the choice of song? Have you ever communicated in music? Have you ever sent someone a song before? Has someone ever sent you a song before? I have sent songs and I have had them sent to me. And, if you answered yes to any of these, then we’re on the same page of a beautiful book. I’ve learned that humans also speak in another language: music. Maybe, you’ll agree.

When words have failed to leave my mouth, music has often been there to speak for me. When I needed healing, music has often been there to patch up my wounds. When I needed to express something that I wasn’t able to, music explained it for me. When I wanted someone to feel the way that I felt about something or to understand where I was coming from, I showed them a song that moved me to my core. That always seemed to cure the problem and find the answer.

Whenever someone shows me a song or I am somehow sent a song, I always look for the deeper meaning. I think about how this song moves that person, why he or she connects with it, and if there are any words behind it that the person is trying to say, but unable to at that specific moment. I think about the emotion behind the music.

Whenever I send a song, I always want someone to just listen and feel. I want them to connect with the rhythm and the words with their entire heart and mind. I want them to do this even if it is just for a few minutes. I usually say, “Listen to this song with your soul.” There is so much power in that.

Love lives in music, just like it lives inside of us.

And maybe, humans are music. The way they walk. Our movements. The way our hearts beat. Sometimes in sync. Sometimes in the same rhythm. Sometimes chaotically. And sometimes, at war with the mind. It is only natural that music is one of our languages, too. Humans speak in music