The Truth About The Girl Who Is Always In A Relationship


It’s not that she lacks the strength to stay single. It’s not that she feels like she needs a relationship to survive. It’s not that she compromises herself for men.

It’s just that she has a huge heart that grows attached easily. She finds herself falling in love faster than she can stop it.

That doesn’t mean she has low standards. Whenever she finds herself in a bad relationship, she leaves. She will not put up with poor treatment. She expects a lot from her person.

After a breakup, it’s never long until she discovers someone new to date, but that has nothing to do with her feelings for her ex. Jumping into a new relationship right away doesn’t mean that her last relationship was meaningless. It doesn’t mean that the last person meant nothing to her.

Her heart just works differently. She doesn’t need time between relationships to heal. She is a hopeless romantic, so if she stumbles across someone special when she is recently single, she isn’t going to turn him down and blame timing. She is going to test the waters anyway. She is going to give the person a shot.

Whenever an opportunity at love comes her way, she is going to grab it. She isn’t going to close herself off because she has been hurt before. She isn’t going to let her baggage get the best of her. She is going to continue wearing her heart on her sleeve, even at the risk of getting hurt.

No matter how many times she has had her heart shattered before, she always finds a way to mend it back together so she can treat the next person she dates with as much softness as the last person. She never lets her heartbreaks turn her into a skeptic.

Some people might judge her for jumping from relationship to relationship, but she considers herself brave. It would be easy for her to give up hope, to stop dating, to decide it’s pointless to try. But she forces herself to think positive, to keep giving love a chance, to continue on her search for forever.

Despite what people think, being alone doesn’t make her uncomfortable. She is okay sleeping alone, eating alone, living alone. She doesn’t need someone holding her hand to make her feel valuable. She knows her own worth. She knows she doesn’t have to be in a relationship to feel fulfilled.

Of course, even though she doesn’t need a boyfriend, she likes having one. She doesn’t see the point in staying single if there is someone she would enjoy dating. 

She would rather give the relationship a shot than worry about the what ifs. She would rather have her heart broken for the hundredth time than turn someone down who could have been her forever.

If she needs time to herself in the future, then she will happily stay single. But for now, she is happy to fall in love again and see where it takes her this time.