I Am Slowly Learning To Exist In The Moment


I am slowly learning to train my brain on the present instead of spending my time trying to predict the future. Worrying is not preparing me for the worst case scenario the way I have been telling myself. It has only been making me more paranoid. It has only increased my stress levels.

There is no sense in jumping ahead to tomorrow, afraid of what might happen. “If you focus on the worst case scenario and it happens, you’ve lived it twice.” — Michael J. Fox

I am slowly learning how to silence the part of my brain that overthinks. Instead of staying stuck in my head, planning out my outfit for tomorrow or worrying about my meeting in a few hours, I am paying more attention to detail. I am paying attention to the taste of my coffee instead of chugging it. I am paying attention to the sound of my loved ones’ voices instead of taking them for granted.

I am slowly learning to appear present. I am listening when others speak instead of planning what I am going to add to the conversation next. I am looking others in the eyes instead of contemplating a way to exit the conversation soon after it begins. I am communicating better. I am acting as a better friend.

I am slowly learning to release my hold on the past. Instead of replaying my highlight reel on a loop inside my mind, I am taking steps toward creating a better now. I am taking better care of myself. I am learning to love myself. I am teaching myself how to say, “I am proud of everything I have accomplished and know even more good things await me in the future.”

I am slowly learning to worry less and live more. I am going to start listening to my gut, to my heart, and to my soul instead of relying on the pit in my stomach that warns me not to take risks. I am going to discover what makes me happy and spend a lifetime pursuing it. I am not going to wait until tomorrow to accomplish what I can do today. I am going to stop my trend of procrastination and live in the now.

I am slowly learning to stay thankful for every gulp of breath, for every step forward, for every thrum of my heart. I am not going take this moment for granted because I am fortunate to be living through it. From now on, I am going to make the most of my time. I am going to do everything I can with my world. I am not going to waste today.

I am slowly learning to exist in the moment because it gets tiring worrying about things that have already happened and things that might not even happen. I am sick of stressing myself out more than necessary. I am ready to live my life to the fullest. I am excited about where I am right this moment.