This Is How You Walk Away From Him


This is how you walk away from him.

When everything has been said and done, when the word ‘goodbye’ hangs heavy in the air, when you close the door behind this chapter for good, don’t ever look back.

Look straight even as tears well up in your eyes. Straighten your back and start walking away even as your body suddenly feels like lead, unable to move. Resist the overwhelming urge to turn back and give him one last glance. Tell yourself that it’s for the best, even as every cell of your body craves him like the air you breathe. Take a moment to recollect your thoughts. Inhale and exhale deeply to ensure that your breathing is even. Surrender your body and sink yourself into the solid ground if you have to. Let your mind go blank and take all the time you need.

Then tell yourself that you can survive this.

You’re your own person before you met him and you will be again. Granted, he was a vital piece of you but you will find yourself again. You’ll get in touch with the deepest part of your soul and learn to smile again. You’ll learn to navigate this world by yourself and you’ll find your footing soon.

You move on from him by accepting that it takes time.

There will be bad days when getting out of bed seems extremely difficult and you feel as though you can’t go on. Days when you would give anything to be able to get back into his arms. There will be regrets making you doubt your decision to leave and if there was anything you could have done to avert what happened.

You’re grieving now and you should be. Cry if you feel like collapsing and as though your heart was trampled to millions of pieces. Live each day by celebrating any small victory because you’re getting stronger, day by day. Live and let live because ultimately, you’re the only one who matters.

Stop resisting what happened and accept that in time, it will all make sense. Understand that the best revenge is to stop holding onto your anger and resentment for him so that you can allow all the positivity and lightness into your life. Love yourself fiercely and be your own companion so that you only fall in love when you’re ready and not when you’re lonely.

You heal from losing him by believing that this is for the best and you’re better off without him.

Despite how it went down with him, there must be something special about him that made him so unforgettable. Perhaps he was the only one who truly got you. The one you could see yourself walking into the sunset and growing old with. The one who promised never to leave you but turned out to hurt you the most.

No matter what the reason is, don’t look back anymore. Deep inside you, you know that you have to do this. You had given your utmost best for this relationship and you have shed enough tears for him. It’s time for you to take back your life by walking away from what that wasn’t meant for you.

It’s time for you to be happy.