I Am Thankful For The Love You Showed Me, Even If It Didn’t Last


You will always be in my heart.

I know that I would still meet a lot of people along my way but I have saved a place for you. You will always be remembered. I will remember you as the person who had made me smile, who had made my heart skip a beat, who had made me think the silliest things and act like a crazy person. Who had made me experience this cheesy so-called thing “Slow-mo”.

That there’s such thing that could make you feel excitement, weirdness and wonder all at the same time. That in a split second it is possible to realize that someone is special. You are special because you are who you are for whatever reason. I am very blessed to have known you and encounter you in my life no matter how long your role is in my story.

You made me realize that love is not always about a declared relationship, it’s not always about intimacy or sex but sometimes love is about celebrating yourself because you are being appreciated. I learned that it is okay to be just in love without anticipating or expecting anything, that it is just what it is at the moment and doesn’t have to be defined other than what you truly feel and you can enjoy it all you want without doing anything about it. I can’t help but think how amazing it is when two random people collide.

Now I thank you for those days of making me happy though you may not realize it but you give me excitement every time. Excitement of knowing I’ll be seeing you the next day and you would look at me the way nobody ever has. And I know that when you see me, you will call my name and you will make me laugh.

I know that when we pass by each other you will effortlessly notice me because I’m one of those people in your life that stands out and catches your eyes in the middle of the crowd. Time will pass but those moments we shared and experienced together will never be erased for I believe that forever is not a length of time but is something constant and can never be changed at the very moment such as a blink of an eye and our memories.