You Are A Beautiful Soul In Such A Beautiful Universe


The Universe is made up of energy that is kept constant. Energy cannot be transformed but only transferred, which is why we experience changes in vibrations and frequencies within ourselves, and from external sources.

Having said this, everything in life stays relatively consistent. So, why is it that we want to change every little bit and piece of our lives or our physical images in hopes of external and the less-likely internal satisfaction?

If you think about it, the way we think about the physical world is a man-made product, an illusion. Sadly, a lot of the information we absorb on a daily basis tells us we are not beautiful. Our waists are not slim enough, our skin is not clear enough, and our lives are not adventurous enough.

But, despite all the negativity you may have rooted within you, there is so much beauty within you.

You are the product of an outcome of one and a quadrillion.

You were given life. You are an individual who was brought into this world to live a life of fulfillment. It is 2016 and you are alive, reading this, and interacting with the opportunities that life has to offer. How is that anything but the most beautiful thing?

Your body, your mind, and your soul is unique.

Isn’t it almost absurd to think that out of the 7 billion people on this Earth, no one has your body, mind, or soul? When you truly put this into perspective–the fact that you will never be anyone but who you are and no one can ever be you–it is quite humorous that a large part of society encourages us to act the same. It is beautiful and courageous to embrace your being and existence. It is beautiful for you to simply be you.

Celebrate the ways in which you don’t relate.

When encountering other individuals, people try to find common ground. But to be our true selves and embrace the ways in which we do not relate to one another–whether that be our beliefs, talents, or hobbies–is an opportunity to learn and to embrace the beauty of others. By being yourself, you are allowing other individuals to take a piece of your being with them, because they have gained insight from the differences you have brought to light for them, all by being your own beautiful self.

Not convinced yet?

Yes, it is difficult to truly believe that you are a beautiful person. The fact is that we will all make mistakes and we will never be society’s definition of perfect, because perfect changes at the pace of the seasons. Why spend life chasing an idea that is simply a cloud in your mind that vaporizes into emptiness? It is simply a way to occupy our time before we realize we have not been living.

I challenge you to truly make an effort to live your life the way you want to live it. To enjoy the small intimate moments and to embrace others for who they are. Feed off of experiences that excite you and place you out of your comfort zone.

When life is beautiful, you yourself will realize that you too, are beautiful.