I Believe In This Kind Of Love


Maybe these are the times when walking never results to asthma attacks anymore. This is when being close to someone while feeling their arms around you feels like home and love all at once. This can also mean having them through your darkest and coldest days; bringing you a gallon of ice cream and box of pizza to enjoy with. It can come from the simplest things but with a bundle of joy and contentment that it can bring.

Sometimes, it is about the heartbeat of someone listening to the music that he made despite of not having a good voice. He can turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary one. You will remember how he used to bring you to places you hadn’t seen before. You will remember him scratching his head after throwing a joke. His smile brings you calmness and his hug assures you that you are safe.

Every moment with him, good or bad, is memorable.

He is the rainbow after the rain; the light at the end of the tunnel and the sunrise after a long and gloomy night.

There will never be any dull memories with him for he can transform every little thing into a wonderful masterpiece. You will always dream of him and all the details of his life; his whole being, his scars, and all the wounds and marks no one knows about. You are grateful to see him during his toughest and weakest self. All of him is worth remembering after all.

But life and love are not always about those sunny and cheerful days. There will come a time when fights and long hours of being alone can consume all the wonderful feelings. There is no visible rainbow in the sky after the rain stops from falling. The light at the end of the tunnel will flicker.

Soon, the sun will hide behind the clouds and everything else becomes dark again.

We are all capable of getting tired. We can fall out of love and maybe one day, we will realize we do not deserve to be treated as an option anymore. There are no perfect relationships but there will always be a perfect kind of love no matter how imperfect it can be.

Sometimes, you can still imagine him wearing his favorite black long sleeves he used to wear during your dates. But the reality is, we cannot just love someone alone, we should always have to know if they love us enough to conquer those conflicts and misunderstandings. We do not have to cry waiting for them to come home and be with us again. We all deserve a kind of love we keep on giving to everyone.

I believe we can find it somewhere; someday.