You Deserve The Love The Universe Is Trying To Give You


You may think of it as a false alarm; that despite those doubts, you will find yourself in a dead-end road. You are tired of taking so much risk and looking for a sign after long years of being alone. Yet, someone out there, out of billions of people who are walking and looking for their other half in the world, has found you and decided to be with you. You are busy guarding your heart and indeed, you are both sure this journey of love will never be easy.

You have to know that you will never see any glimpse of spark when your eyes meet or when you first saw him in a distance. Believe me, magical moments cannot be seen in just a blink of an eye. A true meaning of eureka moment lies inside the heart when you finally realize that your heart does not only meant to pump blood but it surely knows how to beat in different rhythms. Since then, you do not need to be afraid.

Your comfort zone may shield you from pain, but it will also hinder you to witness a wonderful fireworks display. This time, you will find it in someone’s eyes and not on a cloudless night sky. Your instincts may guard you from getting hurt, but it will tear down all the chances of being someone else’s home. You will miss all the crazy adventures and the tingling feeling when he holds your hand for the first time while riding in a Ferris wheel.

Because love requires taking so much risk; riding in a scary roller coaster ride, and flying high above the clouds without thinking if you have a parachute with you. You won’t mind the danger because the contentment and happiness will save you from all of these terrifying moments.

Soon, the world will be happy to see you smiling and laughing your lungs out until it hurts. The sky will pour out the sweetest rain and you will be there dancing with so much joy. The tears that will fall down your cheeks will be a sign of happiness and there he is, waiting to wipe off the stains of doubts and fears. Because darling, you deserve everything the universe has to offer.

You are not only special; you are extraordinary and that what makes him fall in love you instantly. Please, just hold to your feelings. You are worth all of these risks.