I Could Never Date You


I like spending time with you. I like flirting with you. I like daydreaming about where you would take me on dates and what your skin would taste like beneath my lips.

In my daydreams, you are the perfect fit for me. But in reality, dating someone like you would be a nightmare.

I would never be able to believe the words that came out of your mouth. I have caught you in too many lies before. I have found the holes in your stories. I have noticed when timelines didn’t add up. I know you are comfortable bending the truth in order to make yourself look better. I know you are not exactly an honest person. I need someone who tells the truth even when it’s awkward, someone who chooses the right option over the easy option.

I would never trust you to stay loyal to me. I have seen the way you flirt with other women in front of me, even though you have shown interest in me as well. If we were dating, I would always be suspicious. I would be staring at every girl who passed, wondering whether you hooked up with her in the past or were planning on hooking up with her in the future. I can’t date someone who will miss the bachelor life. I need someone who only wants to be with me, someone I trust to keep their promise of commitment.

I would never be able to deal with your hot-and-cold behavior. There are days when you are friendly and then days when you are distant. If we were in a relationship, your mixed signals would drive me nuts. I need to date someone who is willing to talk to me about their feelings, not someone who shuts me out whenever they aren’t in the mood to talk. I need someone who is excited about commitment, not someone who goes into a relationship grudgingly like I know you would.

I would never be able to deal with doing all of the work in our relationship. Even now, you make me send every text and plan every hangout session. You are unwilling to put in effort from your side. I would never be able to date someone like that, who expects to lounge around while I do all of the work. I need someone who meets me halfway, someone who appreciates everything I have to give and offers the same amount in return.

In theory, I would love to date you. You make me smile. You make me laugh. You turn me on. But you are not the kind of boyfriend I need. You are not what I am looking for long-term. You are only a fantasy.

Even though I have strong feelings for you, even though I daydream about you all the damn time, I could never date you. It would never work. We would be toxic together. We would spend all our time fighting. We would break each other’s hearts.