This Is Why We Need To Rethink The Phrase ‘You Are Enough’



This phrase is everywhere.

Pinterest quotes, Tumblr gifs, the caption of every yoga video on Instagram and self-help book in the aisle.

But I’m not entirely convinced that we are helping the way we think we are.

Self-love. That’s the goal. We need our young men and women to love who they are — that part is easy — but by perpetuating this phrase, I think, we may be leading our lost, without a breadcrumb trail out of the woods — to change and growth.

You are enough.

I really do believe it has positively impacted the lives of so many, has given people the green light to accept who they are, but in the same way that we are so easily influenced to be perfect , is it possible that we are just as easily influenced to be complacent, to be mediocre, to be fine and okay?

With our society striving for convenience: apps for shopping, news, starting our cars, even finding love, I think we are sending the message that when we finally embrace our present selves, the skin we’re in, the heartache, the job — we could lose sight of all the other possible greatness we are capable of achieving.

The message has good intention, but I propose we change it.

I propose we rebrand. Elaborate on the idea that accepting who you are does not mean settling. 

It’s not just accepting yourself, but encouraging yourself with the confidence and courage to be an even better version of you.

Let’s change the conversation.

I believe it’s true what they say…that we have everything we need inside of us to be happy, but it’s that extra oomph that makes everything worthwhile; the extra effort.

Studying an hour longer for your MCATs, not because you have to be the smartest or better than someone else, but because you want to be the best doctor you can be.

Walking that extra lap around the block, not for vanity — to be skinny like the models, but for your health — to set a good example for your kids to grow up healthy, too.

Taking the time to learn and go the extra mile because Googling the answer for your code assessment will never help you meet your goals.

It’s deciding to be a little better, not because we are not happy with the way we are now, but because being enough, being adequate, satisfactory, is a dead end.

You are so much more than just enough.

you are adventurous

you are daring

you are exciting

you are free

there is so much more to living

there is so much more than self-doubt

and there is certainly so much more

that you are capable of doing than being just another enough

do not let the most interesting things about you get lost in the woods because you are good enough as you are.

be more — for you





I know this broad statement is meant for good and is intended to promote a positive sense of self, but what if it doesn’t…?

What if it sets us back even further: into complacency…from one extreme to another…

You are so much more than just enough, you are everything and more.