I Do Not Want To Be Just One Thing, I Want To Be Everything


Do not put me in a box and expect me to stay there.

I will burst out into the open air;
the moment I defy your expectations will be a surprise.

I do not want to be just one thing;
I want to be everything.

I want to be the one you hate to love
(but you will love me, anyway).
I want to be your holiest of sins.
I want to be the light in my own darkness.

I want to be your first love and your last kiss.
Your addiction and the remedy to all of your ailments;
Your madness and your bliss.

When I am in love
I not only believe in stability, logic, and order
but, in passion, in chaos, and the impermanence of the heart’s decision.

I want to be unforgettable and
not a simple thought,
whisked away in a matter of seconds;
if our paths diverge.

If we do decide to go our separate ways,
you (or I) will not remember me if I was just one thing.