I Do Not Wish You Well


I would say that I wish you well, but that wouldn’t exactly be fair, nor would it be the truth. Instead, I wish you exactly what you deserve in this life.

If you wake up deciding to actively improve yourself and try to be a better person every day, I hope the world reflects the same energy that you put into it. I hope the universe grants you a pedestal built from the small, beautiful gestures and moments in which you went out of your way to acknowledge and thoroughly appreciate all that you have. I hope you are cherished twice as hard as you cherish. I hope you are forgiven as you forgive. I hope the road ahead of you is paved with the same golden understanding, grace, and authenticity that you actively work to radiate. I hope you are presented with opportunities to grow as you continue planting seeds for others. I hope Karma celebrates you and keeps your name underlined at the top of her list of all-time favorites.

If you wake up every day still insisting on being the victim of everything in your life, I hope the world continues to give you reasons to be. If you continue pointing fingers and avoiding mirrors, I hope you are faced with the jagged edges of your reflection that you refuse to acknowledge or improve in the form of other human beings. If you choose to continue avoiding working on yourself and continue projecting your self-resentment onto other people, I hope other people reverberate that same kind of self-stunted energy back onto you. If you take people for granted, I hope they do the same to you. I hope Karma kicks your ass six ways to Sunday.

I do not wish you well. I do, however, hope that you get exactly what you give. I especially hope that someday, you choose kindness, allowing it to choose you.