It’s Time To Stop Resisting Change


The root chakra is about feeling safe and secure within yourself and within the world. The feeling of safety and security is something we’re taught is good from a young age, and the way to this feeling is through routine and sameness. We miss seeing that the consequences of striving for this is that the fear of change then sets in, indirectly or directly to counter this feeling of safety. To be safe, we cannot have change.

The problem with this mindset is that we then spend our lives trying to control everything so that we do not have change, and we do the opposite of what we’re supposed to be doing. We spend so much time trying to believe in these words “Have faith” or “Trust the Universe” or “Everything works out as it should,” yet in us trying to force the routine and force the feeling of safety, we show that we believe none of it. When we’re presented with a situation that is out of our control and brings about so much change, we fight against it and think of every reason why the change shouldn’t happen. We question the Universe. We question why, if we have so much faith and question, and why, if we followed everything correctly in order, is this happening to us? Ultimately, though, when change happens, that’s when it’s the test we’ve been asking for to see if we really do trust or if we really do have faith.

What we do not see and what we do not understand is that change is a part of living. We cannot say we’re living if we do not go through change. Change is what leads to growth, what leads to feeling alive, and what leads to showing us what we absolutely appreciate in this world. What change also does is help us see what we’ve taken for granted in our lives filled with routine. As we go through the process of reflection and introspection and as we stop resisting the change, we are taught to learn about what is important to us.

The real way to feel safe is to not resist change and to not fight it. It’s to take the time in the course of change to learn what you want and to make the choices towards that wanting. It’s to feel all the feelings and to allow those feelings to lead you towards the right choice for you.

Change is what reminds us to live life, to actually live and not just mechanically go through it. It comes at times when we need a shake-up, when we’ve become too complacent or too comfortable or when we’re in the zone of taking things for granted.

When life happens, it’s when change happens. It’s the time to have faith and to have trust. And if we have this view, if we know this in our minds and feel it in our hearts, then we will be safe. We will know that the change is there to help us be who we’re supposed to be and lead us on the path we’re supposed to be on.